One day, he changed the pattern lock and then forgot it. He took the tablet and came to me. I tried filling his credentials but nothing works. Then i searched online and found no specific working solution for this.

I also tried booting to recovery and then resetting but that also didn't worked because i don't know how to go to the recovery mode in that device. So, as i've seen too many users asking for the solution to this, i decided to post a step by step tutorial.

If you too accidently lost access to your tablet then you can also follow this tutorial to Reset or Re-Install ROM on your tablet. I suppose that this will work for every iView tablet. In my case, the model was TPC. The process is very simple.

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In search results click on download tab. Now the 1st result will be like 'Firmware For 'Device Model' '. Click on that link to download the Firmware for your iView Tablet.

As i mentioned above, in my case the Tablet was TPC, so i searched and downloaded the Firmware which is as a. Rar file.

Now extract that downloaded files to a folder. One folder will be live suite pack and other will have boot img or. Open the folder saying 'Live Suite Pack'. Leave USB Driver folder as is. Click on 'No'. Click on First Icon and select the firmware file. Now a pop up will be shown on computer's screen. Click on 'Yes'. An another confirmation pop up will come, again click on 'Yes'.

Now the tool will start formatting your iView Tablet.

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It'll show a pop up when the formatting is completed. Click on Ok. Disconnect your Tablet from the computer and Turn it On. It may take sometime as it is booting for the first time. As you'll see, You have successfully unlocked your iView Tablet. Please don't forget to say thanks via comments and like us on Facebook if it helps you. Well, it may take some time to complete. But in my case, it was not about 30 mins, it almost took 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

I think you should try again and if still not working, then you should try it on other PC, or try updating your Computer with latest Updated drivers and software.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Click here and select your model from the dropdown menu for downloading manuals.

For windows 8 instruction please click here. For Windows 10 instruction please click here. You can contact Chenzhi Corporation Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm pacific time at for any questions or concerns. Or email us at support iviewus. Please make sure to look at the FAQs page for answers as well. Canadian Customers please contact the Toll Free number Once you have set your IView Smart bulb up to your mobile devices, you are able to share the information with other devices so they can operate that bulb.

We recommend using the app to operate the lighting. Turning the lights on and off can reset the bulb.


And how can I download it? All Android tablets will need to use Google Play store to download apps. However, some new tablets do not come with the Google Play store pre-installed, therefore you will need to upgrade the firmware in order to have the Google Play Store.

We provide a hassle free upgrade method — OTA which stands for over-the-air; it is an update of a wireless delivery of new software or data to mobile phones and tablets. We recommend our customers to do the firmware upgrade before usage.

The upgrade instructions are as follows:. In this case please make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal in order for the firmware to download successfully. The warranty does not cover any physical damages; if you have a cracked screen Chenzhi Corporation can repair the broken screen; please contact us for pricing.

What can I do if my Cyber Pad has camera issues, has no wi-fi connectivity, has locked me out or is frozen? For any of these issues please visit our website at www. There is Firmware available for each tablet model. Your tablet model number is located behind your tablet; find the firmware for your model type and download the Firmware and instructions so that you can successfully install the firmware on your personal computer and transfer to your tablet in order to fix these issues.

If your tablet has one or more of these issues you must contact Chenzhi Corporation in order to receive a RMA needed for repair. If you would like to purchase a new power charger contact Chenzhi Coorporation at for pricing and to place an order. If your tablet is not reading the sim card please contact your provider to get a replacement card; if problems continue please call us. Make sure to connect converter box using white, red, and yellow cables, once connected change your TV source from TV to Video, if you have multiple videos please try each one.

Make sure your antenna is in the antenna in Bold, relocate your antenna and try auto search again. Signal depends on your location and the power of your antenna, if there is a lot of interference then an outdoor antenna would be best.

Make sure the red and white cables are properly connected if the problem continues please contact us to help you. If your converter box freezes then please update the firmware that is available on our website; instructions are included but if you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact us for help.Sometimes Windows can be clogged with speed-sapping software or even malicious programs. If this happens, your best bet is to wipe the slate clean and reinstall Windows afresh.

How you achieve this depends on the company that assembled it. Custom-built desktop PCs and laptops from smaller system builders may well include a Windows installation DVD, but if your PC comes from the likes of Lenovo or HP, you'll need to follow a different process that will reset your computer to its original factory settings.

Hidden on your hard drive is something called a drive image. This is an exact copy of the Windows configuration installed on your computer when it was new, which can be copied over the damaged Windows data with the aid of some clever system recovery software. Select the 'Repair your computer' link at the top of the list and press the [Enter] key. You may find your computer's recovery software starts up straight away. If not, continue through a language and keyboard preferences screen to the point where you're required to select your usual Windows username and enter the corresponding password if necessary.

You'll now be met with a menu titled System Recovery Options. The last link is usually the one to activate the computer manufacturer's recovery software. Current page: How to factory reset a laptop. Page 1 of 2: How to factory reset a laptop How to factory reset a laptop How to solve a faulty factory reset. See more how-to articles.Thanks for the update on this. Very useful in our latest round of email newsletters we have going out.

Works great without any issues.

I followed your instructions for generating a direct link for mobile devices. It is showing the review now button for the I-phone but it is not working for the Android.

The link for my client opened up the Google search page with the listing, but did not open the testimonials. The test was performed on Android. I will continue working with it. The best you can get is a link that asks user to open in browser or maps, and if they choose maps, then they can click on your business, scroll down and leave a review.

However when entered on mobile it will not open the window to review only the business search on Google. I would have lost faith in it due to endless Google updates but your link still works excellent. Your help is greatly appreciated. Was pretty pumped to see this article. Tried it right away, got my link. It works on desktop but not on the mobile.

Is anyone else having this problem. In Chrome it works just fine. I have tested on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Your link works on all. Let me know how this works out for you. Make sure you setup your business with the right type of page.

I am not familiar with Czech Republic Google My Business pages. I am currently working in Firefox so perhaps that is an issue. Any help would be awesome as we want to set this up as a clickable link in the newsletters that we send out. Once you create this link, can you then text it to a bunch of people and have it work every time. Im trying it and it seems to only work once from each send.

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I sent it to multiple people (multiple different locations, and each only redirected correctly once. I would suggest that you scroll down further in the post and continue the process. It appears you stopped at step 1. That said, I am not familiar with French Google My Business pages. This method works great. I just double-checked to make sure.

Are you in the United States. I am not familiar with non-US Google My Business pages. From my research, the problem I was running into is that Chrome would not load the review box, unless I removed the referrer information.

If I remove everything as you said to do after the. Can someone please try the following link.The tour itself was very carefully organized in advance and went off without a hitch. Nordic Visitor organized a flawless experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a trip to Iceland. We did not know what to expect in having a trip planned for us. We always plan trips ourselves. This trip we had limited time to play ahead and needed someone to take care of all the logistics for us.

We are forever happy we went through Nordic Visitor.

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I truly believe it is what made our trip so much fun and easy. We've never used a travel agency before and we were bit sceptical. Your services were excellent. My husband and I cannot thank you enough for making our vacation very memorable.

Iceland is very special place and you helped us make it OUR special place. Nordic Visitor helped us make our first Iceland vacation the best one. Their travel expert Sigfus worked with before and during the trip to ensure we made the most of vacation.

His suggestions were on point and we are glad that we used this travel agency. The in person consultation was another example of excellence. We even got calls during to make sure we are OK and to give us updates on volcano. Thanks to Nordic Visitor and Sigfus, our Iceland trip was the most memorable one. Everything was smooth from pick up of tickets in the Oslo train station to check in at each hotel. A truly wonderful train trip.

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of beautiful Norway, the tour was very well organized and easy to negotiate without a guide. It provides a good introduction to Norway for the first time visitor and I would highly recommend it.

Thank you so much, we had a wonderful trip and Nordic Visitor and in particular Cecilia were wonderful. You have made it a special and memorable time for us and we thank you for all your work and attention to detail. My wife and I completed the Iceland Full Circle self drive trip on August 26 arranged by Hilmar and Signy of Nordic Visitor. We were happy with all of our accommodations and very glad that we waited until after our trip began to plan a couple optional excursions such as the zodiac boat ride on a glacial lagoon and the Blue Lagoon on a rainy day the day we departed.

The scenery was so spectacular that we hiked more than I expected we would plus since we lucked out on the weather, we wanted to be outside. Bad weather our last two days caused us to explore a textile museum and the Skagafjordur Folk Museum featuring turf buildings.

Helpful hint-if you want to climb Mount Namafjall (mud pots, fumaroles, etc.

How to factory reset a laptop

I would recommend this service to anyone. They made our trip to Sweden effortless.

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We encountered passport problems at the start of our trip which resulted in a delay and Cecilia was able to rearrange everything for us. She went above and beyond in service to us.The information and stories he provided all the way were amazing and most of the time hilarious. Will definitely book other trips through Nordic Visitor again. Service from Nordic Visitor was wonderful. Excellent experience both in booking arrangements and the quality of our visit.

Having all the accommodation arranged ahead of time made for a stress free visit and the glacier walk was outstanding in all ways. We enjoyed Iceland - it is a stunningly beautiful country. Next time we will seek more experiences away from popular tourist destinations probably some day hikes in national parks and will ask for your advice in arranging that visit. She was so helpful throughout the process and answered all our questions in a timely manner.

I don't have anything negative to say, she was truly spectacular.

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By far the best travel agent we have ever had. I don't know what we would have done without her. Every hotel outside of the city was fantastic.

They just got better and better and the food was outstanding. The accommodations, food and sights we visited were outstanding. The itinerary we were provided exactly fit our needs.

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Also, we loved the restaurant selections that had been recommended to us. The drivers, tours, hotels, meals and especial our tour guide Rakel was wonderful. I was mesmerized by the beauty of your country and the kindness of the Iceland people. Klara Lind put together amazing accommodations. Our map and suggested stops were immaculately prepared.

We loved it all. Prior to the trip Klara addressed and customized all details to account for all our needs. I could not be any happier. Our tour guide, was outstanding. He was very knowledgeable and interesting, very personable and went out of his way to meet people's interests. He was a great ambassador for Iceland and Icelanders :) He seemed to know every nook and byway of the country, and knew someone in every one. All accommodations were comfortable clean with good bathroom facilities.

All breakfasts were generous, did not miss the all English.To assign a unit to a Control Group, simply select it, then hold down Ctrl and 0-9. To add additional units to that same group, select them and then hold down Shift and the number in question.

It's a bit fiddly at first, but you' will'll get used to it quite quickly. This will add all of the units of that type that are currently visible on-screen to the selection. You can also hold down Ctrl and click one of the target units to achieve the same result.

Remember that a double-tap will zip the screen right over to the item you've assigned. This will allow you to quickly zip over and find out what they've uncovered about the enemy's plans. This lets you get back to base quickly to check on the state of production and resource gathering. This will allow you to keep production rolling rapidly, without you having to revisit the base. Simply select the group then choose your production option using the hotkey options.

That way if they run into trouble you can quickly jump over there and undertake some vital Micro work, or just ensure they live to fight another day by cleanly running away. Having these units on groups also means that if you send out an attacking force yourself, you don't have to anxiously babysit them the whole way there, when you could be doing something more productive.

Here are some general tips and tricks that the starting StarCraft 2 player would be well advised to take on board.

iview maximus laptop hard reset

This will allow you to assign multiple units to the same shortcut, which you can then easily switch between to stay on top of the action taking place right now.

If you have access to the single player mission content, we actually recommend playing through the campaign using your preferred hotkeys and control groups.

Take our challenge and advice here: from your first multiplayer game onwards, select nothing with your mouse. You'll suffer for it in your early games, but will be highly incentivised to get on top of things much more quickly. Pain is a great teacher, after all. Do not spend too much time playing against the computer when you first fire up StarCraft 2. By all means rattle off a couple of AI matches to get used to the basics of playing from a fresh start, but you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting stuck into matches against real-life opponents.

Yes you're going to lose a few at first (read: a lot), but you will learn so much more this way. You're not here to dominate - not yet at least - rather, you're here to learn something new each match, and which you'll take with you into the next battle.

You are going to go up against opponents who turtle (that is, hide themselves within ludicrously over-defended bases) from time to time.